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We have structured continuous personal development programmes for all TGS Officers

This ensures that our security officers are continually improving and consistently offering you the highest standard of protection for your home or business.
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Our officers are chosen from our very unique assessment and induction course. This course consists of one day of teaching and assessments concluded with the TGS physical fitness assessment.

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How are TGS raising the standard?

TGS Security Specialists offer a very unique brand. We are raising the standard in the industry to a level not previously seen in the U.K. TGS have improved each service currently offered by its competitors at the most competitive rate. We are the FIRST Security Service in the U.K. to introduce character assessments, security exams and fitness tests prior to the selection of our officers.

The security environment is rapidly changing, companies are not evolving to handle modern demands. We believe that a physically fit Security Officer possesses a higher level of motivation and competence than an officer that does not meet our physical requirements. A high level of conditioning will enable our officers to handle the demands of the industry today and that of the future. All officers will complete a physical fitness examination every three months to maintain our high standards.

The future of the security industry

TGS Security Specialists boast the ONLY CCTV Monitoring Station in East Sussex excluding our backup facility. Combined with a Rapid Response Service, this low cost solution to manned guarding is the future of the security industry, offering complete protection to business owners while dramatically reducing their cost of private security. Click here for more details.

Our Values

TGS Security Specialists recognise that as a company we are only as strong as our weakest link. With such a statement, we are committed to ensure that all personnel reach our minimum standards, knowing any individual we deploy will possess our core standards and will represent TGS Security Specialists and our customers to the highest of standards. We offer all employees generous rewards at the end of every quarterly period as an appreciation of the hard work and dedication we receive that enable us to fulfil our aims of raising the standard of the security industry. Without our staff, there is no organisation.

We have our own training and development team which enables all staff to be eligible for promotion within the organisation. All employees receive full vocational qualifications free of charge which improves competence which is passed onto our customers by offering an unbeatable service. Our employee benefits provide our staff tangible benefits and peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In return, our staff are more loyal and dedicated to raising the standard and being the best they can be for themselves, their families, TGS and our customers. Our high standards are achieved by:

Committed driving - Providing resources and promoting all the decisions necessary for meeting the quality programmes of our company;

Continuous improvement - Promoting continuous improvement of processes through regular programme review and the continuing role of the experiences of our staff;

Human resources management & technology - Ensuring professionalism, expertise and staff training and promoting the on-going search for the best technologies to manage our operations;

Legality - Complying with laws relating to all activities carried out by TGS, promoting among its members, suppliers, subcontractors and consultants conduct based on ethical principles and transparent attitudes.

Our Mission Statement

TGS Security Specialists are raising the standard of the security industry to a level not previously seen in the U.K. We are committed to offering customers the highest quality of security services at the most competitive rates, tailored to help them achieve their own strategic goals. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with our strict selection process and performance criteria along with innovative training and staff development. Our vision is to become the recognised leader within the security industry.

Our Critical Success Factors

We have identified a range of critical success factors that will enable us to raise the standard. We must have:
  • Satisfied clients, customers and employees;
  • A range of products and services which our competitors cannot match;
  • Effective leadership;
  • Professional and motivated employees;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Effective financial and management systems;
  • Effective processes and procedures;
  • Strong health and safety and environmental operations; and
  • Close alliances with selected business partners.
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