Manned Guarding

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Manned Guarding by TGS Security Specialists 

We are the FIRST Security Service in the UK to introduce character assessments, security exams and fitness tests prior to the selection of its staff.
Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

If your business is at a potential risk from unauthorised access, theft or outbreaks of disorder, a manned guarding Service may be the most suitable form of protection for your premises and staff against such risks. You can choose your hours of protection. An officer during working hours may only be sufficient to make staff feel secure, or you may prefer out of hours cover as a deterrent against theft or criminal damage. You may feel a physical presence is required on a permanent basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or even two Security Officers operating together.

TGS Security Specialists in East Sussex provides highly trained, well presented physical and visual deterrents in each officer. Our Security Officers are vigilant and provide excellent customer service. His/her particular role can be defined to suit the needs of your business whether it being commercial based or industrial. You may prefer an officer to man your reception area as a visual deterrent or simply to operate CCTV surveillance cameras from an office with regular patrols carried out. Your business may require access control from a gatehouse to prevent unauthorised access. Together we can develop a set of protocols and instructions for TGS Security Officers to follow to fulfil your security requirements.
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