When the average shoplifting incident costs a company £213 and 18% of businesses have been forced to close short-term as the result of a crime, overlooking retail security is often a crucial mistake. TGS Security Specialists can significantly reduce lost profits and improve your defence against losses including theft, as well as staff theft and internal shrinkage. Not only can TGS provide the solution to the problem, but we can also help identify it in the first place, where your weaknesses are and how they are being exploited; we can then provide manned and electronic security solutions to help combat the problem. The mere presence of uniformed security officers will deter a wide range of criminal behaviour that could damage your business. A professional security services gives a clear message that you take your business seriously, and will also make in-house fraud perpetrated by your own personnel less likely. Overall, by reducing criminal activity and improving the image of your company, you will increase customer confidence on your premises and save money.

Our Retail Security Officers and Store Detectives are trained and experienced and follow security and safety policies and regulations. We know how to create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and being able to prevent criminal behavior, theft, damage, and illegal activities regardless if you are a small local shop or part of a known brand. We have bespoke solutions to suit all needs. Our Security Officers specialise in loss prevention and retail security, from dishonest staff to retail crime and random shoplifters. They offer in-depth security coverage for different types of venues, including large buildings and small retailers. TGS specialise in retail theft, and our staff are competent handling different situations. 


Construction sites can be lucrative targets for thieves and troublemakers looking to cause damage, to steal valuable materials and equipment or simply to use the site as a place to stay. Every year millions of pounds of stock and equipment are lost from construction sites due to poor security and with high value Plant around it is easy to see why. TGS Security Specialists are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected. Each site is poses a unique set of risks. From high volumes of traffic, high value machinery and plant equipment, to contractors and visitors attending site, we will conduct a full risk assessment and recommend the level of security best suited to your requirements and budget. This will enable us to provide the security service you require in a way that supports your objectives. As the leading security services providers we employ SIA licensed Security Officers to keep all of your assets safe. TGS can offer a variety of packages to suit your needs which include:
  • Static and mobile Security Officers;
  • Gate house security for staff and visitor access;
  • Security fencing and signage;
  • Delivery handling;
  • Promote health & safety onsite;
  • Theft and vandalism reduction;
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for rapid reaction to intruders.


Healthcare Security is one of the most complex security functions. We aim to support and enable healthcare provision through the delivery of professional security; ultimately enhancing the healthcare environment. TGS Security Specialists provide expert healthcare security services Nationwide and operate around the clock for 365 days per year to support a number of NHS and Private Hospitals, Health Centres, GP Surgeries, Dental Practices, Care Homes and Walk-in Centres. Our range of healthcare and NHS Hospital security services includes Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols, Keyholding and opening and locking up of buildings. We have developed a particular area of expertise in providing hospital security services for violent patient schemes, where the emphasis is on protecting staff and members of the public.
The NHS, Private Hospitals, Care Homes and healthcare sectors have particular security requirements and TGS offer a full range of site protection services designed to safeguard doctor’s surgeries, health premises, residential care homes, hospitals and surgeries. We can secure your staff, patients and visitors and ensure that your hospital or healthcare premises stay safe and secure.


Security Officers provide visible deterrence of criminal activity at entrances of banking centers, patrol multiple entrances, observe and report findings, deter criminal activity and misconduct, and perform other duties as specified in post orders. TGS is a security provider for Bluechip companies, nuclear power plants, oil and gas companies, airport, ports, banks, hospitals, factories, warehouses, commercial facilities, residential communities and much more.

Logistics and Distribution Centres

Logistics and Distribution Centres are frequent targets of burglary, theft and pilferage. These facilities contain lots of new merchandise in its original packaging, something that is highly-desirable to both professional and amateur thieves. Logistics and Distribution Centre security requires an integrated solution of manned guarding and electronic security system. Security Officers are expected to perform with their utmost skills and to report potential threats of theft and vandalism. The first point of contact to many business, industrial and residential parks is the gatehouse. As such, it is integral that you use the most responsible and respectable private security services provider. 

Our security solutions for Logistics and Distributions Centres are designed to be flexible and likewise our personnel are trained with this in mind to the highest of standards. We combine the latest technologies with the best customer service. The ability of our security officers to integrate with your organisation and the environment enables TGS to ensure our staff can handle the demands of the industry. TGS Security Specialists are the only private security company in the UK that have considered training Security Officers to a standard required to fulfil the role effectively. Not only will our physically fit, security officers be able to protect you against intruders but they’ll also provide that vigilance to ensure internal personnel do not pose any security threat.


Official statistics show that 19 per cent of full time students were victims of crime in the 2016/17 academic year, a noticeably higher proportion than in the general population. Concerns have also been raised that not enough is being done to protect female students from sexual assault or harassment during their time at university. 

But student safety goes beyond preventing crime and protecting campus facilities. At a time when an increasing number of students are suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, many leading institutions have been accused of failing in their duty of pastoral care. While some pioneering universities have adopted a more student centred approach to safety, the sector is inconsistent and fragmented when it comes to security. TGS make the student experience safer and this can boost your Schools / Coleges / University’s reputation and funding. 


People want to travel on transport networks that are protected, secure and reliable. We’re working with the transport industry, other government departments and international partners to minimise the risks of public safety.

Factory and Warehouses

With the demanding and constant changes associated with the daily operations of successful factories and warehouses; TGS Security Specialists can minimise any security threats. Factories and warehouses make for an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime and health and safety. You may have new visitors and workers passing through your doors, extensive stock, tools, machinery and expensive equipment lying around to name a few issues you may face.
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