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TGS Core Values

Our core values are embedded into our strict selection policy that enables TGS Security Specialists to recruit elite individuals that will flourish with our own in-house training. They serve as a foundation to all employees throughout their careers with TGS to raise the standard of the Security Industry to a level not previously seen. 

Professionalism is the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation related to how we provide our professional services. TGS strives to provide its clients with not only a bespoke service, but also with an exceptional experience over the entire course of a project.

Embracing excellence leads us to challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. To enable excellence, we seek the best talent and promote personal and professional development. We aim to deliver excellence in every task. 

We strive to be proactive in our communication and conceal nothing, focusing on factual details. Our employees are focused on giving timely and honest feedback whilst supporting each other, our teams, our company and our clients. Our feedback focuses on recognition and improvement. 

Passion is a desire to deliver our services to the best of our ability beyond the expectation of our clients and therefore going the extra mile to deliver extra value.

Leadership means leading with clients and leading with people. Leadership at TGS is defined by courage, integrity and having a vision which inspires and motivates others.

We promote equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination in the planning and delivery of our services in terms of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, gender-reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, health, and income status.

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