Physical Fitness

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TGS Security Specialists are the FIRST Security Service in the UK to incorporate a high standard of physical fitness as one of the main requirements of its officers.

Fitness levels are monitored regularly to maintain high standards.

TGS Physical Fitness

We strongly recommend that you commence a regular physical training programme for a minimum of three months prior to any application with TGS. Please consult your physician prior to commencing any exercise programme.

In our view the key components of fitness for a security officer are cardiovascular, muscular endurance and strength. We will evaluate each component in an assessment comprising of a bleep test, press-ups, squats and abdominal crunches.

All applications that have progressed onto the final stage of the assessment are required to pass several fitness tests which will enable them to fulfil their duties of becoming a TGS Security Officer. Part 1 consists of a bleep test to measure the applicant’s aerobic endurance. In order to pass part 1, applicants must reach a minimum of level 8 within a set time which is set below. Part 2 consists of three exercise including press ups, squats and abdominal crunches. Each exercise is performed continuously for 60 seconds to test the applicant’s muscular endurance. The applicants are required to complete as many repetitions as possible within the time limit to reach a pre-determined number which is listed below.
officers exercising
Bleep test
Press ups 1 min
Squats 1min
Abdominal crunches 1 min
Minimum requirements
>Level 8
To maintain the high standards of TGS, our Security Officers must complete the assessment every three months. To assist them, we provide regular fitness sessions with our highly trained physical training team.
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